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    My philosophy of "Life, Laughter, and Love" was inspired by my wife when she had it engraved in my wedding ring, always there to remind me what's important. It's also what guides me to capture what I do, when I have a camera in my hand.

    Friends will ask me if I consider it work, but I ask, how can it be? When I am blessed to be able to share such wonderful moments in peoples lives, to be shared forever, I can't call it work, but I can tell you it's the best job in the world. And I would love to share it with you!


You don’t need a better camera. You need a better CAMERA CLASS! Proudly announcing THE RETURN of our most popular class!

Do you own a camera that has more than one button? Do you ever wonder what all those OTHER buttons and knobs and dials are for, and what they do?

Did you get a new camera for Christmas and it’s still sitting in the box because you’re afraid to touch it?

Are you sick of all your friends taking better pictures of THEIR kids than you do of YOURS?

The classes I teach aim to address every one of these questions and more! The “YOU NEED A BETTER CAMERA CLASS” classes are a great way to familiarize yourself with your big fancy toy, stop being afraid of taking it OFF “auto”, and start taking BETTER photos of your friends and family!

Classes will be: Sunday, January 31, at 12pm-2pm,
at The Derek Cookson Photography Studio, 1211 E. Lincoln, Suite 200,  Royal Oak, MI.
Tickets are only $50, and purchasing your ticket (sold online ahead of time) is your seat reservation. SEATING IS LIMITED, so don’t wait!
For more information, or to purchase tickets, email or call 248-224-7423

Hope to see you there and BRING YOUR CAMERA!

Many weddings are a whirlwind of chaos…like a zoo! Jennifer and Steven wanted to get married AT the zoo! So much fun was had, and with a laugh like Jennifer’s, it’s not hard to see how easily it is for EVERYONE to fall in love with her! We had a blast cruising around the Detroit Zoo checking out giraffes, polar bears, a curious seal, getting married in the butterfly house – We even had a good old stampede to scare her whole family! (Just check the photo)
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When Somto approached me to inquire about having some photos done for her, to use as promotion for her as a musician, I was naturally delighted! But photos can only do the musician justice, not so much the music, so my next question to her was, “What about some videos too?” Even though these songs are in french, her beautiful voice needed to be heard!
Over the last few years, I’ve been working on growing, and wanting to add video to my services, but wasn’t comfortable until more recently, venturing into smaller promotional pieces, like these two intimate music videos. And no, before I get asked, I am not planning on offering video for weddings. But my interest in video is in capturing moments, not unlike my photography – and this is Somto’s moment!

And now check out some of her new promotional photos! Look for her very soon, playing near you!

About a year ago, I get a message from my buddy Steve telling me he’s engaged – Fantastic! And then he writes “Want to go on vacation with us?” – Even more Fantastic-er! (IT’S A WORD)

So begins the journey of Steve and Jody getting married in Negril, Jamaica! I was incredibly honoured to have been tapped with the privilege of capturing them. On a beach? All Inclusive? Some awesome friends along on the trip? They knew how to do it, and do it in style!


(View from the Plane)

I can’t speak enough about how much of a great time was had by all at the beautiful resort “The Rui Negril”, as the staff and accommodations were top notch, and the libations…liberal (with more food than you even know what to do with!). Fun Fact: If you hear the word “Jerk” before any food title, it means it will be hot and spicy. VERY hot and spicy. And awesome.

The wedding itself was a wonderfully beautiful affair, with Jody and Steve exchanging vows on the beach, Jody being escorted out by her son, a fun photo session along the waterfront, and ending with an intimate dinner in the private dining area.


Despite the fact that the humidity ensured we were all soaking with sweat by the end of the day, it was a wonderful occasion, with wonderful people, and one we will all not forget anytime soon!

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I had the absolute pleasure of sharing these two women’s wedding day a year ago, and now I have the distinct pleasure of sharing their maternity photos for their upcoming baby! We packed up their fur-baby (translation: their dog) and braved the snow throughout some spots in Amherstburg, Ontario one Sunday afternoon for a few hours of photos and laughs! Enjoy the final peek at their session, and wish the happy couple a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS for the upcoming birth of their baby! (Boy? Girl? They’re waiting to find out!)

Janine and Jeff’s wedding day was a whirlwind of sorts – Lots of laughs, dancing, rain, and driving all over Detroit! But despite the slushy weather, nothing could keep the smile from Janine’s face all day, as she finally got to say “I Do” to her new husband!

Driving into Detroit, we even took a chance with some umbrellas and braved the cold downpour for a few photos in front of the Historic Detroit Train Station before warming up inside the wonderfully tropical Belle Isle Conservatory! With Jeff’s specialty being trees, you could see his eyes light up with all the wonderfully exotic fauna inside there – AS WELL as his beautiful bride of course!

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